Finishing My Trip Stories

Here are the last pictures I'm going to share about my big trip to see lots of relatives. (Mommy has been kind of slow in helping me with this, but Daddy and I still love her.) These pictures are of my grandma and my grandpa Don.

Here I am with Grandma while she shows me how to play with all the Little People. I am standing at the table that Great-Great Aunt Ethel and Great-Great Aunt Edra gave to Mommy and Uncle Todd when they were my size. (Those aunts were Great Grandma's older sisters. Now they are all in heaven together.) There used to be chairs, but I think Mommy and Uncle Todd gave the chairs as much love as the chairs could handle.

Now we are blowing bubbles. I'm actually a little more interested in the steps than in the bubbles. Grandma is always glad to play with me.

Here I am saying "goodbye" to grandpa Don. He likes little kids like me and likes to make funny noises to make me smile.

Here I am walking with Grandma at the airport while Mommy and Daddy get our stuff out of the car. Even thought I was excited to see the airplanes, I was very sad to leave my grandma. I hope she'll come back and visit me soon!

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