Great Grandma's House

These are pictures of a visit to see Great Grandma. We had a great time playing with her toys, running in her grass, and petting her cat. She also gave me some great gifts. Here she is giving me a tractor that makes real tractor sounds! She and Great Grandpa have always had a farm, so they know about real tractors.

She also gave me this great jacket. Daddy says, "Go Big Red!"

And she gave me this fuzzy tiger costume! I love it, and I love to make it roarrrr...

but I don't feel like being a tiger right now!

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Graham said...

The picture of you in the tiger costume made my mommy laugh aloud. I told her it wasn't funny to see you in tears. She sometimes doesn't get us little guys. One time she laughed at me when I started crying after I slammed my hands down on my highchair tray. I was trying to be funny and make a loud noise. She said she doesn't think it's funny when I get hurt but sometimes, we have to laugh at things in life rather than cry. Hmmm...points to ponder.

I'm going to be a TX rootin' tootin' cowboy for Halloween. Yeehaw!