Caleb's Great Idea

After my nap on Friday, I found out that something wonderful had happened. Caleb and his mommy wanted some ice cream, and Mommy and I were invited to have some, too! I'm so glad to have friends like Caleb, because I might never get ice cream otherwise (except at birthday parties!)

The mommies ordered ice cream at the drive-in and let us have teeny bites. They didn't think we noticed how teeny the bites were, but we did. Then we got water with straws.

We liked drinking out of straws as much as we liked ice cream!

After that, we went to the park. We saved the life of a turtle who was walking in the street. Here's Caleb patting the turtle...

and now me.

Then, we had fun on the slides!

We can climb up all by ourselves...


slide down by ourselves, too!

Thanks for being a good buddy, Caleb!


Jamey and Norah said...

Umm, that's neat about the ice cream and turtles and stuff, but what I'm really wondering is just what exactly you bought at the store the other day. Mommy said you mentioned something about it on my blog, and I can't stop thinking about your shopping trip. Maybe we should talk sometime soon.

See ya in a week! We'll chat then.

Love, Jamey

Caleb said...

It was so fun to play with you Friday and then again today at Moms and Tots. I am so glad your mommy took pictures!

See you soon!
Love, Caleb