A Visit with Our Friends

These are some pictures with our friends, Mr. Charlie, Ms. Paola, Sophia, and Antonia. The mommies and daddies in the families met while the daddies were in grad school and none of the kids had been born yet. We got to visit them on our big trip! Thanks for the visit, friends!

Here we are: Sophia and Antonia with their mommy and daddy, and me with my mommy and daddy.

The last time we visited, Antonia and I didn't see much because we were still in our mommies' tummies. Here, Antonia is about to be born, and the doctors made her mommy stay in bed all the time! Everyone visited her mommy in bed. Sophia is the cute one in the middle. Antonia is five months older than me.

Something amazing happened after our visit at our friends' house. We saw them in the airport in the middle of our trip! We were going home, and they were flying to a place called Chilly to visit Ms. Paola's family. Do you think it is as cold there as it sounds?

More about our visit...Antonia, Sophia, and I are eating lunch that Ms. Paola made for us.

Mr. Charlie is reading some great books to us over lunch.

Here is Sophia with her dog, James. I loved James and gave him lots of pats and conks!

Antonia is letting me drive.

Yup, James is a big dog!

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