Grandpa got out of the hospital the day before we got off of the plane, so we were very happy about that. Here are some pictures with him.

Here I am at the coffee shop with Grandpa meeting all his coffee friends. My mouth is full of Kashi crackers in this picture.


Mommy and Daddy and I are standing with Grandpa before we leave. Grandpa's friend who is a real photographer took the picture for us.

At Grandpa's house, he has real trains driving around his living room!

Thanks for sharing your trains with me, Grandpa!

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Jeannie said...

I don't know if you'll see this, but here goes... I was doing a search and came across you pic of Jonathan's grandpa and mention of his "coffee shop friends." I am a 52-yr.-old woman (back in school to finish undergrad. & become a teacher/second career) who is writing a paper on coffee shop group customs/traditions for an American Folklore class I'm taking. I'd really appreciate it if Jonathan's grandpa would visit my blog at, read my questions under my coffee shop post and tell me about his own coffee shop group. If he can't post there, he can reach me by e-mail at Thanks! - Jean