Coloring with Crayons

Mommy and I thought that my buddy Elise had a great idea, so we decided to give coloring a try. It was so fun! And, I remembered not to put the crayons in my mouth. (I don't really care about coloring in the lines like Elise does.)

First, I had to take the crayons in and out of the tray for awhile.

Then, Mommy helped me make the letters in my name and I did some coloring.

Mommy also helped me make some stars and hearts, and then I colored some more. (I thought that making hearts was so funny! I love hearts!) Don't you think I did a great job coloring?


Zach & Katie said...

Hi Jonathan!

Isn't coloring fun? I hope we can color together sometime soon! We can make pictures for our Mommy's!


Grandma H said...

Ooooh - I can see a lot of refrigerator art in your future. :)
Have fun coloring!

Gma H