You might remember that I've been a shoe lover for a long time. And, I thought that complaining about putting them on would tell Mommy that they were too small. But, she didn't understand!!! She thought I was just being cantankerous. Finally, at Sam's house this weekend, Mommy realized what was going on. And, thank goodness for Aunt Anna, because she let me wear Sam's old size eights instead of my own size sevens that were smooshing my toes.

Here I am snuggling up with some warm laundry while I wear Sam's shoes. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

Today, I finally got some new shoes. (It took awhile because Mommy wanted shoes with laces and with no characters, whatever that means!) The shoe lady said that eights were too small, so here I am wearing my new 8 1/2 shoes. I'm also eating my hearts and ohs. I love hearts, remember? Thanks for the shoes, Mommy! When these start to get too small, I'll start complaining sooner! Or, maybe I'll learn some more words...

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