Back for My 21-Month Birthday!

Hi, I'm back! Did you know that I was gone? Mommy and Daddy and I flew on some airplanes to go see lots of my grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. We had a great time! I'll be posting lots of pictures and stories for you in the next few days, but for today, I'll just let you know that I am 21 months old and I'm trying to say lots of words. I said my first three-syllable word today: tortilla. It sounds like this: tah-tee-yah. (You can probably guess where we picked up some lunch on the way home from church today!)

Here is a picture of me riding on one of the airplanes. On the way to see my relatives, I didn't get to use my car seat, and those plane rides were not too fun. But, on the way home, I got to sit in my car seat, and I did a great job being happy! I even stayed busy kicking the seat in front of me. (It was a game. Mommy would tell me to take my feet off the seat, and I'd obey, and then I'd put my feet up again to see if she'd tell me to take them off. It was great!)

I miss all my little buddies and can't wait to play with you again soon!

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Jamey and Norah said...

Welcome back! It felt like you were gone for ages! See you Tuesday for our walk.

Love, Jamey