Another Note

Some of our faraway friends have been wondering what the weather is like here. We're in the middle of a heat wave, and it's already 104 today. It's going to "cool down" to 99 on Saturday, but otherwise, we'll be in the low-to-mid 100s for awhile. The nice thing is that there is no humidity. In our old town today, it's 86 but feels like 92. Here, it's 104 but feels like "only" 102. We are very thankful for air conditioning!

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Grandma H said...

Whew! I just checked at 4:25 and it was 108 degrees. I wonder why the happiest flower in my yard seems to be my African daisy. We are also very thankful for AC (at least in the big house). It was fun to see you this morning - next time you come over, we may have to play in the sprinklers. :-)

Love, Gma H