Vacation Bible School

Last week was very busy because of Vacation Bible School. Believe it or not, Mommy didn't even bring her camera until the very last day. She says she was too busy chasing her 4-6-year-olds. Here they are:

I spent my week in the three-year-old class tagging along as a younger kid. The three-year-olds got to do all the fun activities and the babies got left behind to just play. At first, nobody was sure where I fit. When my teachers started letting me do all the fun big kid stuff, I had a lot of fun. We learned about Jesus all week, and we also...

sang songs for the moms and dads. I am the youngest kid in this picture, but not the smallest! As you can see, Mommy didn't realize that my undershirts are all too short to cover my belly. We used one to make my VBS shirt that I'm wearing here.

We got to make crafts...

and eat snacks. We had a great week at Vacation Bible School!

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krista friesen said...

Dear Jonathan, We did Game Day Central at our church too! We loved the songs and all the motions. Did you run when you sang "Run, run, run the race..."?
Love, Katie and Caleb