Happy Anniversary to Mommy and Daddy

Today is the 8th anniversary of Mommy and Daddy's wedding, and Thursday is the 9th anniversary of the day they met. I thought you might like to walk down memory lane and see some pictures from their wedding.

Here are their friends who helped them to get married.

Here they are getting ready to take a drink with their special cups.

Here they are getting bubbles blown on them.

Here they are getting into Grandpa's car. I think looking at the cars was probably the best part of their wedding.

I'm not sure why I was not here for all the pictures, but it looks like a fun time! Happy Anniversary, Mommy and Daddy!


Perpy said...

Congratulations, Jeff and Amy! Sherman and I would have been married 39 years on the 19th so the 19th is special to you as well. We met on the 19th as well, but in August. It is fun to look back at your pictures.

Hope you are settling in to CA; I know the Franklins wish you were closer, especially now that they are back in the South!

I wish you many more happy years together!

Patsy Franklin

Ava said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!
We Miss You!
Ava & Family

krista friesen said...

Happy Anniversary, Jeff and Amy! It was a beautiful day and those pictures bring back lots of memories. I still feel honored to have been a part of your special day, because I like you both so much. Now you have Jonathan and he is one of the sweetest boys I know. I like him too. I just like you all!

The Growing VM Family said...

Congratulations Jeff and Amy! It's fun to think we were both getting married in the summer of 1999 (and having our first children the same amount of years later!). Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Love, Jen