A Note From Mommy

Tonight, we put Jonathan to bed as usual but then got him out of bed later to go see his first fireworks display. The next town over, where we considered moving, was having its own display. We sat by the side of a country road in our camping chairs and watched. This town is about the size of our old town, so we had modest expectations, but the show was fantastic. Jeff and I loved it, but what was even better was watching Jonathan's reaction. He REALLY loved it. Here are some favorite quotes:
"That was a tree!"
"That was a spider!"
"That one played the drums!"
"That firework had Christmas lights on it!"
"They make a funny noise!"
When we got back to our neighborhood, which is not normally very social, there were a few families sharing fireworks out in the street. We walked down to watch their displays (which were pretty small considering most fireworks are illegal here,) and Jonathan loved that, too. There's nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a two-year-old, and it made for a great 4th of July!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

I think I may have seen the same fireworks that you did! It was my first time too... wasn't it the BEST? I'm so happy America has a "Happy Day" so we can do neat things like stay up late and watch fireworks!

Love, Ella