A Morning With Ella

This morning, Mommy and I got to spend time with Ella and Ms. Jen. It is too hot here to do much of anything outside, so we went to the mall to take a walk. Mommy said we were trying to get Ms. Jen's baby to come, but I don't think it worked.

Ella and I had a great time. We made noises at each other and said letters of the alphabet to each other and looked at books together, too. Here we are looking at ourselves in the mirror at Gap Kids.

Mommy found out that Ms. Jen loves to look around at the same things that we like to look at. So, we looked at the clearance racks at Gap Kids, Children's Place, and Gymboree. (Mommy wants me to tell you that the footed pajamas at the Children's Place are on sale for $5.99 minus 30%. Mommy and Emma Claire's mommy always say, "Those are the BEST pajamas!" Too bad I'm too big for them!) Ella and I had fun walking and eating pretzels and drinking water from Starbucks.

Our walk didn't get the baby to come, but I'm still glad we went!


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Hey friend,

My Mommy got me a bunch of those jammies last week. And, I think we have matching shirts!

Glad you had fun at the mall.

Love, Jamey

The Growing VM Family said...

Hello New Favorite Shopping Buddy!

Having you along made shopping with Mommy actually fun today! Maybe tomorrow you could come with to the grocery store? :) I'd be a lot more patient...especially if you brought your pretzels again.

Thanks for a fun morning! Love, Ella