Congratulations to Jonah!

Congratulations to my little buddy, Jonah, who became a big brother on July 12 when his little brother, Levi, was born. Levi was 8 lbs., 6 oz. and had to be born by C-section after a long labor, but everybody is fine now. Congratulations, Jonah!

Levi fills out the list of ten babies that I know who were born in 30 days:

6/15 Cora and Peter (twins)
6/21 Owen
7/1 Addison
7/2 Emerson and Karley (different families)
7/6 Levi
7/7 Wesley
7/12 Levi (yes, a 2nd one! Their mommies and mine actually know each other from working at camp together, but they didn't talk to each other until after the names were decided!)
7/13 Delia

This tops the record that our friends set in October of 2005 when six of Mommy's friends were due to have babies within in one month. (Between the early babies and late babies, those six babies ended up taking about a month and a half to be born.) In case you've forgotten, the babies were Jamey, Katherine, Maximus, Nathan, Olivier, and Spike.

There are still a few more babies we know who are going to be born this summer. We'll keep you posted!

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