Guy Things

Today was our day to do guy things-just my daddy and me. First, though, Aunt Amanda came over so that she could watch Cars and play with me. She had never seen Cars before. We had a great time except for when I spilled my Kix all over the floor and just couldn't handle the chaos. I managed to refrain from diaper events while she was here. All in all, we had a fun time. Thanks for playing with me, Aunt Amanda!

Back to the guy things. After my nap, Daddy and I got the oil changed in our car and test drove some other cars-not because we are going to buy them, but just because it's fun to drive cars. We also ate at a sushi restaurant, and I got to eat rice with soy sauce (which I call "sushi juice") and chop sticks. Daddy knows lots of fun things to do. On the way home, I kept telling Daddy that Mommy was home. He didn't believe me-he thought that Mommy might still be out scrapbooking. But I was right! Mommy was home waiting for me at bedtime, and I gave her lots of hugs before bed. I was very happy to have our family all together again, and I said so lots of times.

Oh, and some of the other mommies might be wondering what Mommy did while she was away. Well, she got 64 pages done in our album and is all caught up now. Lots of the pictures in the album are pictures of me. It was a great day for everyone!

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