What My Vehicles Do

You might remember that my vehicles used to drive to Ace and to the car wash a lot. They don't do that very much anymore. They do two things now: go to a party or wait for a train. In this picture, they are going to a party. When Mommy asks me what kind of party, I always tell her it's a birthday party, and when she asks me whose birthday it is, it's always Ella's. You'd think she'd remember by now!

The next time my vehicles decide to wait for a train, I'm sure Mommy will take a picture. Wait and see!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

You can celebrate my birthday with your vehicles any time you want! Do you sing? For me, that is the best part of a birthday!

Mom says I can play with you some time after my Grandma and Grandpa leave (I've been asking about you a lot).

Love, Ella