Why Mommy Is Excited

Mommy is gearing up for a big event just for ladies. This afternoon and tonight, and all day tomorrow, she is going to spend time with other ladies at a church working on crafty projects. Mommy is going to choose scrapbooking as her project, and she's so excited. Did I mention that there are not going to be any kids there? Doesn't sound too great to me, but Mommy is really excited, even though she'll be "working." She says that the last time she got to do this, she got 32 pages done in our scrapbook. (Some of the pictures were of me with firetrucks, so I guess I don't mind if she does it again.) I think I heard something about eating chocolate and talking a lot, too.

The things that ladies like to do are things that I don't really understand. But, the good thing is, this event is at the same place we have MOPS, and I get to go play with the other kids in the MOPS nursery for awhile today until Daddy gets home. Tomorrow, I get to play with Aunt Amanda and bond with Daddy and do guy things. So, Mommy's time out is a good thing for me, too!

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