At the Coast

On Saturday, we spent some time together as a family to get ready for Daddy's busy season. Mommy requested that we go to the ocean.

At first, the ocean scared me, so I decided to play here in what I guess was a tide pool. Mommy thought the water was yucky and mucky, but I had a great time splashing in it.

Later, I got more comfortable, and Daddy and I decided to play in the sand.

Daddy built this great castle and then let the water fill the big hole in the middle.

Looking at the camera for a cute family shot is really not my thing.

Thanks for a great family day, Mommy and Daddy!

(In other news, we saw Mr. Dave and Ms. Jen and Ella tonight. They walked to our house because the doctor says that walking will make the baby come. I keep telling Mommy that Ms. Jen has a baby in her tummy and it's drinking milk. Maybe the next time Ella and I play, the baby will be out so that I can meet her!)

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VM Family said...

Soooo fun to revisit! We've never checked out this part of the coast and love seeing it through your eyes! :) We'll have our own version in a month.