At Ms. Jetta's

The first big thing that happened this morning is that Mommy and I went to talk to a lady about swimming lessons.  Apparently it's time!  I told Mommy, "I don't know how to swim," and Mommy told me that I'll get into the pool with some other little kids who also don't know how to swim, and our teacher will keep us safe and teach us how to kick and float and blow bubbles and other things.  And she says it will be fun.  I'm not so sure about this, but I'll tell you how it goes in June.  After registering for swimming lessons, we went to Ms. Jetta's!

All of us who are too young to be in school were there.  Anneliese and Helia came out to meet me at the car and brought their mommy kitty.  Here's why:
Kittens!  Six cute kittens!  (And baby Peter in the background, and Cora was not in the picture.)  Pretty soon, Jared, Ella, and Delia came over as well.

As you can see, I was pretty enamored with the kittens (except when I discovered they have tiny, sharp claws.)

We played outside the whole time and had lots of fun going barefoot and getting dirty while the mommies talked.  Ms. Jetta even sent us home with some fresh lettuce from her garden.

A trampoline all to myself out in the country...what could be better?  Thanks for the great morning, Ms. Jetta, Ms. Jen, and Ms. Amy!

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The VM Family said...

Yep, it sure was a fun morning. I cried the whole way home.

Love, Ella