Friends and Fountains

It's been hot here, so today we had planned some fun at the fountains with Ella.  I sure do love playing with Ella!  Little did we know that the weather would cool off.  It's a beautiful day!  And it's barely warm enough for the fountains, which means we had them mostly to ourselves.

Here I am enjoying the playground all alone before Ms. Jen, Ella, and Delia got to the park.  (By the way, I have decided that Ms. Jen should be named Jenna, so her name matches Ella and Delia.)

Perhaps I've grown and I need a longer shirt, Mommy.

Here I am enjoying the fountains with my friends in the background.


Time to dry off with Ella.  (And by the way, I can say her name with the "l" in it today.)

This game looks fun, but I ended up getting stuck in the corkscrew, so I'm not allowed to play it anymore.

You wouldn't know it from the pictures above, but I had a little bit of a hard time today.  I was either really happy or really sad.  I loved the fountains, but I hated getting water in my face.  And I loved the playground, but I ran under the bridge and didn't quite make it...I was so tall that I conked my head and knocked myself down.  And I loved climbing the corkscrew but got myself stuck inside it.   All these things were hard to take.  So, for all my video-loving little buddies, and to make sure we're being honest, here's a video of me being happy...and then sad.


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Fountains. I L-O-V-E fountains.

And, please tell me how you got stuck in that corkscrew. I might want to give it a try.

Love, Jamey

The VM Family said...

Well, even if you were happy, or sad, we still had a great day with you, Jonathan!

Here are some messages for your mom: LOVE google reader, thanks for all the fun pictures and nice blog title (we match!)

Love, Ms. Jen(na) :)