Margaret Wise Brown

I know we've been reading a lot of Virginia Lee Burton lately, but Mommy has also been noticing how many of the books that I've loved my whole life, or am just discovering, are by Margaret Wise Brown:

Big Red Barn (a baby gift from Mr. Chuck and Ms. Brenda)
Goodnight Moon (baby gift from Mr. Jay and Ms. Meg)
Runaway Bunny (also from Mr. Jay and Ms. Meg)
Two Little Trains (I keep checking this out from the library)
Seven Little Postmen (a Little Golden Book from Doreen)
The Friendly Book (a Little Golden Book from Great Grandma. I think it's out of print-thank goodness Great Grandma found it at a yard sale!)
I bet there are a few others on our bookshelf in Mommy's Treasury of Little Golden Books. She's had it just about forever, and it's been taped and retaped and is still hanging together. I haven't read out of her treasury very much yet, but I'm sure she'll let me soon.

So, I'm wondering, little buddies, are there any books that you really love right now that you'd like to recommend? By any author that you love? I sure love to read!

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The VM Family said...

Cool post, I hope you get lots of comments-- I'd like to read the recommendations too!

You know I'll read and love ANYTHING, but lately, I've been into David Shannon. I've always liked the "No David" books, but I just discovered "Duck On a Bike" at the library and "A Bad Case of the Stripes" on my bookself.

My mom actually met him and had him sign one of our books when she was a teacher! His books are funny, you should check them out...

Love, Ella