When Daddy is Gone

In this picture, my dad is home.  I'm having a blissful night's sleep with my lion that I've had since I was a baby.  (Recently, I've decided to sleep with it every night.  Thanks, Uncle Mel and Aunt Jan!)

Last night, my dad wasn't home.  He was busy getting ready to hike a "fourteener."  So, of course, I did not have a blissful night's sleep.  I woke up with my dinner all over me and my bed.  A couple of times.  Not fun.  But, have you ever had bathtime in the middle of the night?  Now, that's fun!  As soon as my dinner came out, I felt much better.  And I felt fine today.  Who knows what was going on with my tummy?

Mommy was not thrilled about last night's events.  Especially because, when she finally got almost to sleep around 2 or 3 a.m., our neighbors that we never see or hear decided to have some kind of very loud party.  Mommy was not amused.

Since Daddy will be home tonight, I'm sure nothing out of the ordinary will happen and we'll all sleep well!

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