Why We Need Glasses: From Mommy

For those of you who are interested in details (and maybe a little nerdy, like us):  All three of us have astigmatism.  Apparently there are different kinds, and we have "against the rule" astigmatism.  In "with the rule" astigmatism, instead of the eye being shaped like a sphere, it's shaped like an ellipse similar to an American football lying on its side.  This eye can see vertical lines more clearly than horizontal lines.  In "against the rule" astigmatism, which we have, our eyes are shaped like an ellipse similar to an American football standing on end.  So, our eyes can see horizontal lines more clearly than vertical lines (although we've never noticed.)  At any rate, astigmatism affects how the eye can focus.  You can read about it here or here.  It's very unusual for someone as young as Jonathan to have "against the rule" astigmatism and also rare for all three of us to have it, because it's actually more common in older people.

And, one more thing...I can see a whole lot better with my glasses.  I told Jeff last night that it was like we had bought an HDTV (although we really haven't.)  I'm seeing things that much better.  Who knew!

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