Calendar Time

Since I'm obsessed with numbers these days, and since I'm not going to preschool this fall, (and since my mom is a schedule person, but that's just my opinion,) we've been having calendar time.  We've been talking about what month and day it is and counting through all the days of the month.  I really like this part, especially since we only do it in short spurts each day (or two days if we forget.)  It's been helping me with those really tricky numbers, 17, 18, and 19.  And I really like going through the calendar and counting all the ones and all the twos.  You may notice that my mom chose a Mary Engelbreit calendar.  That wasn't for me, don't worry.  Since my mom is the only girl in the house and she really likes Mary Engelbreit, I figured she could choose, just this once.

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