Daddy's Bike

Tonight, we went to go get Daddy's bike at the bike shop.  We found out that there was one bike drawing for our whole county to celebrate "Ride your bike to work week," and my dad was the winner for the whole county!  What a deal.  We figure this was a big surprise blessing from God, and we're so thankful for the surprise.  We had fun at the bike shop while my dad took test drives on the bikes.  I even test drove the most amazing tricyle.  Since I didn't win, we didn't take the tricycle home.  Besides, my dad's old bike was around 15 years old and needed to be replaced.  My tricycle is doing fine.  We're happy about your new bike, Daddy!  (And I bet it works great pulling my bike trailer.)

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The VM Family said...

Dave and I think you guys must be secretly Dutch. You sure get excited about free stuff! (We love it though!)

Cool bike!