How We Spent Mother's Day

We tried to make Mommy feel really special yesterday. Daddy and I gave her some cards and a movie for her gift. (I didn't get to watch it-apparently, it's not for kids.) Daddy made her french toast for breakfast and I got to eat some, too. At church, it was Mommy and Daddy's turn to serve in the nursery, so I had to share my mom (and dad) with all the other kids. Then we took Mommy to a special brunch.

After my nap, I got to see the other mothers in our family who are local:   Mommy's mother and Grandpa's mother. Unfortunately, I was pretty weepy when I saw Mommy's mother (Grandma.) I had just woken up from my nap and would have liked to have a little more sleep.  I wasn't a very good sport about it.  Sorry, Grandma!  By the time I saw Grandpa's mother (Great Grandma,) I was in a good mood. I think I would have been in a good mood even without the cake and cookies she made for us.  I always get to play with vehicles at Great Grandma's, and she had chosen some books to read to me, too.  Here's a picture of me with Great Grandma.  (Remember, I was not in the mood for pictures when I was with Grandma.)

I'm really thankful for all the mothers in my life:  Mommy, my grandmas, and my great grandmas.  I hope they all had a happy Mother's Day!

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