Watching Him Grow-from Mommy

We always have fun watching Jonathan's latest here's what we've been enjoying most recently.  He's very aware of numbers right now, and very into counting.  He likes to count everything.  He gets a little confused about what comes between 16 and 20, though.  He asks me all the time about addition problems:  "How many places does three plus one make?  How many places does five plus nine make?"  And the other evening, he said, "I have five [raising right hand] and five [raising left hand] and five [raising right foot] and five! [raising left foot.]"  It's fun to see how he thinks.

He just figured out how to make the "l" sounds in most words and is pretty proud of himself about that, so he has a lot of fun saying words like "yellow" and "slowly" and "love."  He still has some that have the "w" sound instead of "l" "Ella."  That's a tricky one.

He's always had trouble with s-blends, so "smiling" sounds like "siling" and "skin" sounds like "sin," etc.  He's becoming aware of that, too, but he has a long way to go with the s-sounds.  We just love to hear him talk!  On the way to the car the other day, he told me that he was skipping, and he even said it right, with the "k."  Then he told me that it wasn't sipping, because that was what we did when we sip out of a straw, but it was skipping!  He was so proud of himself.  (Although he wasn't actually doing the skipping...and if he's anything like me, skipping will be a tricky physical skill to learn!)  Jonathan fills our days with joy...hope you are enjoying him, too!

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