The Eye Appointment

Here's the quick summary:  Mommy and I both need new glasses.  If you want to know more, here's the rest of the story...

Mommy and I went to see a new eye doctor today since we have vision insurance now.  I had my one-year checkup since I've had glasses for a year, and Mommy had her first checkup ever.  We were both very happy that I didn't have to have the scary eyedrops to dilate my eyes.  Mommy has to go back and do that another day.  My eyesight has gotten worse, and if my weak eye continues to get weaker, the doctor mentioned patching my strong one to make the weak one work harder.  We really don't want to do that, so we're hoping and praying it's not necessary.  Oh, and Mommy has astigmatism, just like me.   Anyway, we chose some new glasses for me, and some first-time glasses for Mommy.  Mommy has to wear her glasses when she's driving or doing close-up things like working on the computer, according to the eye doctor.  The doctor says that Mommy can decide on other times she'll want to wear her glasses.  I bet Mommy will also wear them for sewing, scrapbooking, and reading stories to me.

Mommy thought it was overwhelming choosing glasses with a wiggling three-year-old.  I thought I should mention that just to be fair to her, but really it wasn't that bad.  I had a lot of fun taking glasses out of their spots one at a time and then putting them back in.  I even found the perfect spot for the glasses I already have.  After we got my new glasses chosen, Mommy gave me lots of crackers and told me I needed to eat them in the stroller, which I did.  She wished she had a friend along to help her choose some glasses, but the nice glasses lady helped her instead.  When our glasses arrive, we'll take pictures and you can decide how you like them.

Mommy was so tired after our eye experience that we stopped for a Hot Dog on a Stick.  This was a first for me!

And, since pictures have been few and far between on our blog lately, here's a picture of what I did when I got home:

I built a "palace for the princesses."  I must have princesses on my mind since we were at Ms. Jetta's last night and I got to play with all of her daughters.  We played with the kittens, climbed a new boulder barefooted, and played with a huge ball.  It was great fun!

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