2-year checkup

Here I am at the doctor's office waiting for him to do my checkup and look at all my parts. I did a great job, and he said that I was a model patient. I am 37 1/2" tall and I weigh 33 lbs., 1 oz. (My mom is happy that I only weigh 33 lbs. because that means I have 7 lbs. left before I grow out of my car seat.) He thought that I was doing great except for a few things. First, he told Mommy that she has a slightly lazy eye and that I have one, too. Then, he said that the left side of my face is lower than the right side of my face. It's not symmetrical. And then, he said that I'm also slightly pigeon-toed. None of this sounds great to me, but I think my eyes and face and toes are working just fine. (My mom and dad still think I'm very cute, and I believe them.) The doctor wants me to see another special doctor about all this stuff after we move.

You'll notice that I'm holding my new little fire truck. My buddy, Liberty, found it at her house and wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday. What a great friend to give me one of her very own toys!

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