Bob Makes It Better

In case you're wondering, I'll tell you that I'm still having some issues with using utensils at meals. My mom and dad want me to do it all myself, but I really think it works better if one of them feeds me. The more they encourage me to do it on my own, the madder I get.

In this picture, I am giving myself a bite on my own. (Generally, I like to have Mommy's hand over mine while I do this.) I was brave enough to do it because of my Bob bowl and spoon. I love my Bob dishes! I don't know much about Bob except that he has a backhoe, but that's enough for me! Thanks to my grandma and grandpa for giving me my Bob dishes. Mommy hopes that using Bob will help me to eat with fork and spoon on my own. Frankly, I'd rather learn to read first.

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