Quick Christmas Recap

(Notice that in this picture, Jeff is reading to Jonathan from my treasury of Little Golden Books given to me by my grandparents in 1979. It was a big childhood favorite for me, and is quickly becoming one for Jonathan.)

The packers didn't box up our computer today, so I can show you a quick glimpse of what Christmas was like for us. Jeff made waffles for breakfast, and we enjoyed a quiet morning opening gifts. Jonathan loved opening his gifts (and helping with ours,) but his favorite thing was getting covered up with the paper...over and over again. Jeff was very happy to help that happen. :) Anna's parents invited us over to be a part of their family Christmas dinner in the evening, and we had a great time.

Today Jonathan and I made ourselves scarce while Jeff and the packers boxed everything up, and tonight will be our last night sleeping in our beds for awhile. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our phone and computer are not boxed yet, so we're still easily reachable for the evening.

It was really sad for me this morning to get Jonathan out of his crib and know that it was almost time to say goodbye to his nursery. That room has been really special to Jeff and me during the time that we waited for our baby (boy or girl???) to be born and experienced the first two years of parenthood with Jonathan.

On to big adventures in the morning!


Zach & Katie said...
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Caleb said...

Reading this entry made my mommy cry. We are so sad to see you go. Mom can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to Jonathan's room. She says she never wants to say goodbye to mine.