Moms and Tots

On Mondays, Mommy and I go to Moms and Tots. The moms talk and the tots (that's me and my friends) play. This picture is of me being pushed by Eden and DeLaney. Mommy and I had the stroller today because Mommy locked her keys in the car at the doctors' office, so instead of driving to Moms and Tots, we walked. It's a good thing Moms and Tots is next door to the doctor's office. And, we're also glad that it wasn't super cold today.

Today was our last Moms and Tots day. It's getting close enough to moving day that we are going to be having lots of "lasts." This makes Mommy sad, and I don't like it much either. We're so thankful for our friends and for Moms and Tots, because that's where I've learned how to get along in groups of kids. We're also thankful for all of our kind friends that we see there!

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