A Note from My Mom

Hi everyone-

Just a quick note from me to let you know that our closing went well on our house here today. We are officially no longer home owners, but are renting from the family who will move into our home on the 28th. We hope they love it here as much as we have. We have a contract on a home in our new town and plan to close on it on the 28th although we won't arrive until January. We are thankful for how smoothly the details have fallen into place so far.

Also, I'd like to invite you (especially those of you who are women!) to enjoy an online magazine published by some dear friends of mine. Click here for the link. It's called Zia, and I think you'll find it refreshing to read as well as a refreshing change from typical women's magazines. I'll add it to the "grownup" section of the sidebar on the right so that you can enjoy it each month.

Now I'll hand the reins back to Jonathan!

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