A Great Day

Mommy and I had a great day today. We've been missing Daddy a lot, so we had to do some fun things to help our day get better.

The first thing I wanted to do was play with my farm in bed. I'm so glad that Mommy is getting really good at understanding my words, because she brought my farm to me right away.

Later in the morning, we took the long drive to Target and Sam's club to look for food and party favors for my birthday party on Saturday. We found this thing at Target, and Mommy and I both thought it was the best thing ever! We opened it up so that we could share the little cans of Play-Doh with all my friends who come over for my party.

(My mom is really nervous that she forgot to invite someone important to my party. So, if she forgot to invite you, please forgive my mom, and come over for some cake on Saturday!)

I also spent some time looking through Mommy's magazine. I told her that I wanted to look for tractors. Unfortunately, I didn't find any.

The last big thing that happened today was that I got a package from Grandpa and Grandma. I wasn't sure whether it was for Christmas or my birthday. (Mommy says that's the fun thing about a December birthday. I'll get gifts all month, just like my mom!) It was for Christmas, and it was my denim comforter for my big boy bed that I'll sleep in when I'm done with my crib-probably when I'm around five or six years old. But, I decided to give the comforter a try today. Thanks for the great gift, Grandpa and Grandma!

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