Happy Birthday Cake

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday, and she has so many nice friends who helped her celebrate! Daddy and I helped, too. He baked a cake, and we set up a date to have dinner with Sam and his family at our favorite Italian restaurant. All three of us kids-Sam, Katherine, and I-did a great job. Daddy kept asking me to say "Happy Birthday" to Mommy, but I thought it was much more efficient to say "Happy Birthday Cake." I love birthday cake!

Before all of that, we spent the morning with some of my buddies and Mommy's friends at Ava's house. Here I am with my little buddies. I'm the oldest, then Emma Claire, then Ava, then Jamey. I'm so thankful for all my little buddies! And, I'm thankful that Ava shared her bunny crackers with all of us.

Here are the mommies: Emma Claire's mommy, Ava's mommy, and Jamey's mommy. You can tell that all the mommies love the little buddies because of all the pictures they take.

Here I am in Ava's watermelon sunglasses.

Yeaaaahhhh...I am pretty hot stuff in these sunglasses! (And please note Ava's bus that I carried around all morning.)

Ava, do you think I look cute in your watermelon sunglasses?

I may be cute, but Ava looks even cuter in the watermelon sunglasses!

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