At Tony & Rochelle's

We had a busy day today and are now enjoying Tony & Rochelle's hospitality!

The movers-a husband and wife team-came with the huge big rig this morning. The helpers who showed up were not up to our driver's standards, so he sent them home and called for some more experienced helpers. That made us feel good about entrusting our stuff to him! All our stuff is now in transit to our new home. We'll do a little final cleaning in the morning, and then the new family will move into our old place. We hope they love it there, too!

We also spent nearly two hours signing the seemingly endless pile of papers that would give us our next home. Thank goodness we don't do that very often. :)

We are thankful that things are going well and that we can relax a bit now that the big stuff is done. We'll spend some time with friends here in the morning and then stay with Darren & Aleta for a couple of days.

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