My Mom Is Taking Over

I hope you all had a fun day celebrating baby Jesus' birthday!

Since we are moving, my mom is going to take over my blog for awhile. I'll take over again after we get settled into our new house. I'm sure going to miss all of you little buddies! Come visit me in my new house, okay? It has a playroom!

Here's my mom's message:

Hi everyone,

The movers are coming to pack us in the morning, so this will be our last post from home. We'll keep the same blog and email address and will check them as we travel. This is really bittersweet to leave our dear friends that we love to move near family that we love. Here's where we'll be for the next few days:

12/27 Tony & Rochelle's (in town)
12/28-29 Darren & Aleta's (out of town)
12/30 Uncle Mel & Aunt Jan's (in town again)
12/31-1/2 Brian & Anna's
1/3-4 Nebraska with family
1/5-6 Colorado with family
1/7 At our new home
1/8 Getting settled...please come visit us!

If you can't reach us, feel free to leave a comment here and we'll get in touch with you. Thanks so much to everyone for loving us and supporting us during this crazy season!

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Caleb said...

We will miss you so much! Have fun with friends and drive safe.