My Movie Review

I've been sick lately, so I've been doing a lot of this...

and this...

and this.

One thing I've done a lot while I've been sick is watch movies. I generally don't watch movies, both because my mom and dad don't want me to watch much TV, and because I would rather run around. But while I've been sick, I've been doing a lot of movie watching, and I've mostly been watching my new favorite movie, The Very First Noel. I like Boz and everything, but I like this movie even better. It tells all the parts of the story of Baby Jesus being born in a stable, and the Wise Men are the storytellers. They have a lot of adventures finding the new baby king. I like Mary and Joseph and the Baby, but I think I like the sheep the best. I'm thankful that Daddy brought it home, because it has been very comforting to watch it while I've been sick.

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Ava said...

I'm sad you are sick. I've never met Boz before. It sounds like lots of fun! I hope you're up and running soon.