Child Safety, Anyone?

This cushion passes my test.  For most of my life, I've loved to lay down and play on my tummy, and now I can do it while looking down at the backyard.  Yay!  This building is MOPS.  I've been building and rebuilding it all week.  But, as you may have noticed, the only thing stopping me from hopping out the window is a flimsy screen.  My cautious Mommy didn't think that was a good thing.  Our upstairs windows have special locks that let you lock them open about 2", but no further.  So guess whose windows are locked now?

Yep, I think this cushion will work just fine.  Time to take MOPS apart and build it again.

Here's MOPS on the unfinished cushion.  I told Mommy, "May I please have this cushion be finished."  She told me it would take some time.

Here's MOPS.  I actually decided it's the eye doctor now, not MOPS.  Do you think it's a good thing Mommy locked the window?

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