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Hi all, it's Jonathan's mom again, and I'm giving Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer another try.  This time, I'd like to recommend an alternative to Pull-Ups.  We have loved using Gerber's All-in-One Waterproof Trainers.  (My apologies to friends and family who came here for a picture of Jonathan but got a big picture of underwear.  Jonathan will have a new post soon!)

They are cotton on the inside with an absorbent core and vinyl on the outside.  Those of you who are in the potty training stage know that Pull-Ups are expensive, they create a lot of trash, and they also seem a lot like disposable diapers.  These Gerber training pants can be washed and reused easily, and they also give your little boy or girl the immediate sensation of wetness, if an accident should happen.  When we were new at potty training I'd often have our son put them on over his underwear before an outing.  He still got to be a "big boy" in his underwear, but I was able to relax a bit, knowing that if we didn't make it to the bathroom quite in time, his clothes would still be dry.  We have used them over his underwear at naptime and nighttime, too.  I think they have helped him learn to be dry at night more quickly than Pull-Ups.  (He is actually wet more often while sleeping if he wears a Pull-Up!)

I should mention that if your child is still completely soaked after a nap or night, these don't hold quite as much as you'll need.  For a soaking, I still recommend a Pull-Up over underwear.  (Then your child still feels wet, at least, but you don't have to change the sheets.)  But, for daytime training and a little extra nighttime peace of mind, we've loved the Gerber trainers!
I have found them in person at Babies R Us and also Wal-Mart, but I was not able to find them on either website today.  If I remember correctly, they cost $5-$6 for two.  Happy training!  And don't forget to check out the amazing list of tips at Works for Me Wednesday!

**UPDATED**  I agree with the commenter who says that Pull-Ups can hinder potty training.  They're just too much like dry, comfortable disposable diapers!


Candace & Anna said...

I used these as well. They were great! I think pull-ups hender potty training!

Mama Russell said...

Oh, good idea! I'll have to find some of those. I am in the throes of potty-training my 3-year-old.

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea! And I really like the idea of panties under the pull up to feel the wet. Thanks for the tip! :)

aly3kids said...

I'm going to have to pick up some of these for my son. I looked at them when potty training my oldest daughter, but she and her younger sister both caught on right away and we went straight to underwear (at least during the day) and I forgot about them. Ds has been in pullups for a few months now, I think he is just a little too comfy in them. I also might try them for night time for my middle dd - she is 5 and still in a pullup for sleeping. I wonder if wearing one of these would help her to start learning to wake up and go potty?

Laane said...

Wish they had them when my children were little.
That would have saved a lot.
I'll keep this in mind.

You can find my tip at:

Laane on the World

Have a great week and an amazing spring!!!

Life In Progress said...

I'll have to look for these when it's time to train my youngest. For my oldest I used the pull-up over the underwear trick a lot if we were out so she would feel wet but we woudn't have a huge mess if she had an accident.

Chrissy said...

I despise using pull-ups because they're so much like diapers. My little one runs around the house and goes on short outings in underwear, but we throw on the pull-ups for longer trips, just in case (we're afraid of messes in the car). Actually, I used cloth diapers on her before she potty trained, and I can't believe I didn't look into other alternatives to pull-ups...I'll definitely check these out!


The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

I used these as well, and for night time when my kids needed way more protection, I put two plain cloth training pants underneath. Yes, they were hard to pull up, but they held it all in!

mindi said...

Great idea - I'll have to do this when my youngest gets a little bit older!
We used pull-ups and I wasn't fond of them, but my daughter DID train by 18 months (my son by 2.5).

Our Family of Five said...

I had never heard of these before! Thanks so much for recommending, my dd will be two in a few days and we'll soon be embarking into the strange and scary potty-training-territory. :-)