Dinner Conversation

(Mommy, Daddy, and Jonathan)

J: May I please have a tortilla. May I please have a BIG circle.

M: How about a half circle.

J: How about a quarter circle!

(M gives quarter circle to J.)

D: Where did you learn about quarter circles? Jonathan, a quarter circle is the same as 25%. Can you say 25%?

J: Twenty-five percent.

D: And half a circle is 50%. Can you say 50%?

J Fifty percent.

D: And if you had the whole circle, that would be called 100%!!! Can you say 100%?

J: One hundred percent. (Shaking tortilla) TORTILLAS WIGGLE!

1 comment:

Tony said...

Laughed out loud J-man! Your math sounds similar to how I approach it at work. If A=B and B=C, then TORTILLAS WIGGLE!
Just keep telling the big people what they want to hear, and keep focusing on the important, wiggly things in life.