Ready for Easter

Today, I got to go to a big Easter party for kids so that we could get ready to celebrate Jesus' resurrection tomorrow.  That's just a grownup word to say that he's alive again!  Isaac invited me to this party.  

Here we are hunting for eggs.  Isaac is in the background.

Here we are looking away from our moms' cameras.  We are three, and we don't care much about cute pictures.

This balloon room was the favorite spot for kids my age.  I don't think the grownups realized we would enjoy this so much, because it wasn't actually a planned activity.  They moved the balloons out of the way, and we found them!

I loved the puppets.  We got to sit in church and hear the puppets sing about Jesus.  You can see Isaac and his parents enjoying the puppets, too.  Thanks for inviting me to the Easter party, Isaac!

Tonight, we colored eggs.  It made a great big mess.

I quickly lost interest in the eggs because this bag of rubber bands (which Mommy insisted was for the eggs) was much more interesting.  If this picture doesn't prove that I'm a lefty, I don't know what does.

Here are our finished eggs.  They remind me of my Resurrection Eggs.  I get to open the last one tomorrow when we finally celebrate Easter!

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Ava said...

Great idea with the rubberbands!
Hope you had a special Easter! It looks like ya'll had lots of fun!

We miss you! Jonathan is looking more and more like a big boy! So handsome!

Love, jka