More About Paul

Here are some more pictures of my fun day with Paul.

Here we are building our "Ficka."  We liked taking turns saying that fun word.  Our other favorite word for the day was "Pabreeka!"

I loved seeing the animals at the zoo.  Each time we looked at an animal for awhile, I'd say, "May I please see more animals!"

I got to feed leaves to a giraffe, thanks to Paul's mommy!  The giraffe had a looooong tongue that came to get the leaves.

Here we are trying to touch the rays.

Here's Mommy.

Time to slow down a bit.

Being goofy!

Here's my buddy, Paul, being a chef so that he could make his own sandwich.  Thanks for the fun day, Paul!

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Kami Rice said...

Hi, Jonathan! It's really fun to see your pictures from the zoo! I got to feed a giraffe while I was in Africa. I never knew until then that they have such long tongues. Giraffes are really cool animals!