What Spring Looks Like

It's our second spring in our house. Last year, we had a super-hard freeze, but this year, we had a mild winter, and all our plants are excited about the warmer weather. Mommy and Daddy still feel very thankful that we have a house with a yard that was pretty much set up for us before we moved in.

Here are some petunias in our front yard.  They survived the winter and started blooming like crazy at the first hint of warmer weather.

More happy petunias.

We don't know what this pink bush is called, but it's very popular locally.  Some people prune it to be square like a regular bush.  These tiny hyacinths seem very happy in its shade.

Another wild pink bush with a happy fern friend.

Our begonias are just starting to bloom, and this crape myrtle is getting some tiny buds.

This is our first Japanese Maple to get leaves.  Once our trees all have leaves again, we can't see into our neighbors' yards, which we like.  Also, their seeds fall like helicopters, which is really fun for me.  Our other Japanese Maples will have leaves soon, too.

Grandma planted this pink cyclamen for us.  (Out of all these pictures, the cyclamen is the only one that we planted this year.)  The yellow and purple violas bloomed cautiously through the heat of last summer and the chill of the winter, and they're blooming a lot now that that spring is here.  The little bush in the back of the picture is an azalea that will bloom later on.

We are thankful for our yard where I can play with my friends.  Please come visit because we'd love to share it with you!


The Growing VM Family said...

Ok, we're jealous. We've been here 5 springs now and our yard sure doesn't look like that!

We DO have some lovely yellow flowers taking over our lawn presently, and they are tough little buggers. No chemical or amount of mowing seems to make them want to go away! :)

Jonathan said...

We have those yellow flowers, too, but my mom didn't think they deserved to have their pictures taken. :)