A Special Gift

Last summer, our good friends, Mr. Mark, Ms. Jennie, and Nathan visited.  (You may have been reading about them at Nathan and Micah's mom's blog.)  Ms. Jennie and Mommy were talking about what we were going to do with the living room.  It's been the hardest room for Mommy and Daddy to decorate.  Ms. Jennie had the brilliant idea to put special words over the windows.  We loved it, but nobody around here made it happen.  So...Ms. Jennie made it happen for Mommy's birthday!  (Ms. Jennie and Mommy and I have birthdays all around the same time.)

Here's the catch.  Mommy had to climb up here:

Which she thought would be as scary as when she and Daddy climbed up here:
Yep, my parents went places like this before I was born.  Not so much  now.

Mommy was brave, and look-she put up our new words!

Here they are at night (that's our playroom up on the right,)

and in the morning.  Faith, Hope, and Love are the first things we'll see when we walk down the stairs in the morning.  Thanks so much, Ms. Jennie, for such a personal gift that we love.  It means so much to my mom!  And I think it will inspire her to do some decorating in the living room.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hey that looks great (as do your window seat cushions)! All these fun touches just keep making your house homier.