Happy Easter!

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  We had a full day celebrating that Jesus is alive.  We had a hard time getting a family picture before church, though.  It was so bright out!  We had a great time at church and then spent the rest of the day with some family and friends.  I had so many special people who were so generous to me with Easter gifts and cards.  Mommy and Daddy and I were taken by surprise!  A special thanks to everyone for your kindness.   We hope you had a joyous Easter!

Here I am with Great Grandma.

Here I am looking at my Easter basket at home.

Snuggle bunny.

A vehicle card for Easter!

I even had some little buddies make me a card.

Riding side-saddle on Doreen's horse.

The egg hunt!  I was more interested in taking all the eggs apart, just for the sake of taking them apart.

Here I am with Natalie, my egg hunting buddy.

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