"After" Pictures from Mommy

Here are some pictures of the kitchen after painting and unpacking. It's similar to the color of our last kitchen, and that helps us to feel more at home here.

This is the normal breakfast view for Jonathan. The computer won't always be in the kitchen, but it's convenient for me for now!

Jonathan's feeling under the weather today, so we're sticking close to home.

This was our entertainment center in our old home, but since our living room has built-in shelves here, we planned to take it upstairs. It wouldn't go upstairs, so it's here in the kitchen and I'll use it to store my Creative Memories things. I have a little more trim work to do on the paint by the ceiling and doorway, and then I'll be finished.

I'm thankful for a sunny kitchen!

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Ava said...

Tell your mommy that her kitchen looks great and my mommy loves the color. It looks like you are getting settled. We sure do miss you around here!
Love and Kisses,