Mommy and I used to have lots of things to do in the mornings besides eating and playing and cleaning. But now that we've moved, we have to find new things to do. I sure miss seeing my little buddies during the week.

On Mondays, we used to go to Moms and Tots. Yesterday we didn't do that, but we did go down the street to introduce ourselves to a new little buddy of mine named Jared. He is six months younger than me and is also obsessed with vehicles.

On Tuesdays, we used to walk. But today, we didn't do that. We went to Storytime at the library. Mommy told me that a lady would come and read stories out of books. So, when the lady came, I walked up to her and tried to crawl up in her lap. Is there any other way to read stories? Mommy didn't let me sit in the lady's lap. I had to sit in Mommy's lap. During the story, I kept walking up to the lady to see the book closer. Mommy didn't like that, either. So, we went to a kid-sized table and read books on our own. I hope we get to go to Storytime again!

Wednesdays were our Bible study days. I loved playing with the kids while Mommy talked with the ladies! Tomorrow, though, I get to play with Grandma while Mommy goes to get a new driver's license and new license plates for the car.

I wonder what we'll do on Thursday...

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Jamey and Norah said...

I miss you, too! Don't feel too bad, though, cause we're not walking either. Mommy says it has to do with the fact that it's only 11 degrees in the morning. I still say we should walk!!! Walk, Mommy, walk!!!

Love, Jamey