At Uncle Jerry & Aunt Linda's

We made it safely to Jerry & Linda's last night after a loooonnng day of driving. We said our last tearful goodbyes at Brian & Anna's yesterday morning. Jonathan did fairly well on the drive, considering all the upheaval in our lives, and even napped for a little over an hour in the afternoon as well as falling asleep after it got dark last night. He was very excited to sleep in a real crib last night.

We have been able to spend time with Jerry & Linda and Bill & Connie (who are great aunts and uncles to Jonathan) and Jonathan's great grandma and great grandpa Don. Tonight, we'll have dinner with all of those relatives and some of Jeff's cousins and their kids. If I'm counting right, there will be seven kids aged six and under at the restaurant, so it should be a fun evening. We're enjoying spending time with people and places that were a part of Jeff's childhood.

There is a lot of snow here, which makes the landscape even prettier. There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so we'll probably try to get on the road early so that we can drive during the clearest time (although Jeff is hoping to give our new all-wheel drive a try in real snow.) We'll have only a five-hour drive (plus stops) to John & Cheryl's, so we hope it will be an easy day!

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Jamey and Norah said...


I'm glad you are getting to see snow. Are they letting you play in it? Snow is the best to play in!

I'm glad you're having a safe trip. We missed you this morning--it is, afterall, a walking day.

Love, Jamey