Moving Adventures, Part 1

Here are some pictures of our moving adventures. The pictures in this post are actually in backwards order, starting on December 27 at the bottom and ending on December 31 at the top. Big thanks to all our family and friends who let us stay with them while we were moving! We miss you all so much!

We stayed at my great-aunt Jan and great-uncle Mel's house. They have so many Christmas trees for baby Jesus' birthday! I just loved their house. We don't have a picture with them, but here I am with their tree that has a train going around it. The train scared me a little bit when it was turned on.

We stayed at Paul's house for a couple of days. Here we are with the mommies and daddies.

Paul has a new kitty that I love. Do you think I'll get a kitty someday? Thanks, Paul, for sharing your toys and letting me love your kitty.

Mommy and Daddy ate some of their wedding cake that they had carefully sealed and frozen since their wedding reception a long time ago. Paul's mommy and daddy thought this was a pretty gross thing to do, but Mommy and Daddy said that the cake tasted yummy. (Notice that I didn't get a taste because they ate the cake while I was sleeping, of course.)

Maximus and his mommy and daddy were in town, so we went to Maximus' grandparents' house to visit him for a little while.

Here I am visiting my good buddies, Victoria, Christine, Nathan, and Gabriel (not pictured) while the movers packed our things into the truck. We stayed with our good friends, Mr. Tony and Ms. Rochelle, but we didn't get a picture with them.

Here is the big orange truck that came to our old house to take our things to our new house. It was soooo big! (It carried some other people's things, too. We don't have quite enough stuff to fill this truck.)

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